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Believing God’s Word

We value God’s word as revealed in the Bible. God’s word creates, transforms, and accomplishes God’s purpose in the world (Psalm 33:9; Jeremiah 23:28-29, Isaiah 55:10-11). This word is necessary for salvation (2 Timothy 3:15, Romans 10:17), life change (John 17:17), and for knowing oneself (Hebrews 4:12). We will seek to understand, believe, and teach all of God’s word.


  • Individual: Read and pray the Bible daily.
  • Community: Gather weekly for Expositional Preaching 
  • Family: Have regular times where you worship God as a family.

Key Term

  • Expositional Preaching: Teaching the true meaning of a Biblical text instead of reading your own meaning into a text. This is usually done best when the Bible is taught verse-by-verse, following the structure of the text. 

Recommended Books